About Us

Come Find Your Treasure, Expert liquidators of full or partial contents of homes.  Whether your moving or family member passed away.  A complete service including all appraisals, advertising, setting-up and conducting your tag/moving sale or online auction using Auction Ninja. We handle everything from beginning to end.  We're dependable and pleasure.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for conducting a very dignified, profitable and pleasurable tag sale or online auction. When you hire us.....you get Lorraine and staff members from beginning to end.  We base on taking a sale on what we see at time of visit.

There are those times where on-site estate/tag sale will not fit for you.  Perhaps you live in a gated community, apartment, or just not enough for on-site traditional estate/tag sale.  No matter the situation, we can conduct an online auction.  

An online auction reaches a broader audience than a traditional estate/tag sale.  Where as the online format allows bidders to take their time and view all of your items at home.  People can shop from anywhere at anytime while the sale is live.  The online auction format allows everyone a chance to see and bid on every item within the sale.   

Once we determine that an online auction is right for you we will make arrangements to photograph, catalogue, research, market, and arrange pick-up of your sold items.  All payments are made by debit or credit card, pre-approved when bidders register, within 4 hours of the close of the sale, eliminating the risk of counterfeit cash.  Your items are paid for before the buyers even arrive to schedule pick-up. 

1. FREE CONSULTATION to help you decide if a TAG SALE / MOVING SALE or ONLINE AUCTION is right for you! We help you determine what can be sold and what can be discarded.  We research your treasured items to determine their value! We assist you each step of the way!!

For your Free Consultation:
Contact Lorraine at cell (631) 889-2306

We Sell everything from furniture including antiques to small bric-a-brac to food pantry items.  Including jewelry (costume to fine), hand bags, clothing, furs, garage / outdoor items, household and kitchen items, basement and attic accumulations, sporting goods, collectible items, stamps / coins.  Don't throw anything out!   It's never to early for consultation. 
2. NO SET-UP COST:  We start set-up one week before sale.  We bring tables with table cloth, display cases for smaller valuable items, Jewelry display cases, clothing racks, etc..... We price items with stickers and signs for sale. We make sure your home is set up with safety & security in mind!  Homeowners are responsible in removing items NOT for sale.
3. WE ADVERTISE BY  Newsday, EstateSales.net, EstateSales.org, Craig's List, E-mail our loyal following of over 2,000 customers and continues to grow, with pictures via Flickr account!  We post signs on the road for those drive by people.  Advertise on Facebook "Come Find Your Treasure" and on various Facebook Group Selling pages, we advertise your sale in advance at previous sales.  Member of 
4. WE PROVIDE SENSIBLE ADVICE & RESOURCES: We appraise and research your treasured items to determine their current value!  We contact second-hand dealers.  On day of Sale we take bids on large items.  We post left over items on website and other online selling sites with our contact information.  We help arrange for reputable donations after the sale.